silicon prices fell

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Today's ferrosilicon futures disk continues to open low, fell below 9000 points, manufacturers are less enthusiastic, all indicate that there is an inquiry but the transaction is difficult, in the case of the continuous decline in futures, the downstream in addition to just need to replenish the warehouse, unwilling to place orders to purchase, wait and see the price pressure. This morning, some manufacturers quoted 65 8600, 72 8700-8900, 75 9500-9800 yuan / ton cash natural block factory, down 100-300 yuan / ton from yesterday.
Nangang steel released the May ferrosilicon procurement bid, the amount of 1000 tons, focusing on follow-up pricing. Henggang steel today finalized a new round of 75B ferrosilicon purchase price of 9100 yuan / ton, down 880 yuan / ton from last week, the amount of 100 tons.
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