Silicon carbon heating agent

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Advantages of silicon carbon heating agent: With the development of the steelmaking industry and the increasing shortage of iron ore resources, the use of scrap steel in the steelmaking process continues to increase. However, in converter and electric furnace smelting, the increase of scrap steel ratio will inevitably lead to insufficient heat in the furnace in the early stage of smelting, slow slag formation, and poor fluidity of primary slag, which will bring inconvenience to production.

In order to solve this problem, steel mills generally add different exothermic agents to the furnace at the initial stage of smelting according to smelting requirements. Such exothermic agents are generally high-grade ferrosilicon and silicon-carbon synthetic balls. Such heating agents generally contain a certain amount of ferrosilicon, and the production of ferrosilicon is not only expensive, but also brings serious environmental load.

Silicon carbon heating agent is made by mixing ferrosilicon powder and recarburizer powder and pressing balls. It is added in the early stage of converter and electric furnace smelting to provide heat, accelerate slag formation, and optimize the smelting process. The composition of silicon carbon heating agent ensures its heating effect, and the raw materials used in it have obvious environmental protection effect.
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