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Application of Ferro silicon Nitride

With the development of high-temperature technologies such as iron and steel smelting, the development of refractory mat...{ Read More + }

silicon slag CG

Im excited to introduce you to a fascinating product that has been making waves in the metallurgical industry Silicon Sl...{ Read More + }

Precautions for using inoculants

Casting inoculants can be divided into various types, which play a pivotal role in the casting industry. Casting inocula...{ Read More + }

alloy silicon carbon ball

Silicon carbon ball is one of the widely used smelting materials, which can play a good role in deoxidation and can also...{ Read More + }

Classification of inoculants

Currently, there are hundreds of inoculants for cast iron. According to relevant research, pure silicon or pure ferro si...{ Read More + }

use of Recarburizer

Common types of domestic recarburizers include graphite recarburizers, petroleum coke recarburizers, calcined coal recar...{ Read More + }

Rare earth magnesium ferro silicon alloy

Rare earth magnesium ferro silicon alloy is a silvery white solid. It is made of ferro silicon as raw material, and the ...{ Read More + }

Silicon carbon heating agent

Silicon carbon heating agent is made by mixing ferrosilicon powder and recarburizer powder and pressing balls.{ Read More + }

High carbon silicon ball

The use of high-carbon silicon balls: During the production process of castings, the phenomenon of cracks on the surface...{ Read More + }

Uses of vanadium nitrogen alloy

Vanadium nitride is a high-quality steelmaking additive. With vanadium nitride as an additive, the nitrogen component in...{ Read More + }

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