Precautions for using inoculants

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Casting inoculants can be divided into various types, which play a pivotal role in the casting industry. Casting inoculants generally include ferric silicon inoculants, silica-barium inoculants, fluid-flow inoculants, silica-barium calcium inoculants. In the production of castings, the use of inoculants to improve the quality of castings is currently a commonly used method.
1, ductile iron generally more than gray cast iron casting inoculant;
2, after the incubation of hot metal, if the pouring time is longer, the pouring amount of inoculant should be increased due to the reduction of inoculation amount;
3, thin-wall castings are prone to white holes, and the amount of inoculant iron alloy should be increased accordingly;
4, when the molten iron contains more slag, casting inoculant once in contact with the slag will be wrapped, difficult to melt, so the amount added should be increased accordingly;
5, casting inoculant addition too much will cause slag temperature is too high, eutectic cow shrinkage. If the inoculant is too large, the hot metal cannot be evenly fertilized. The inoculant of the unmelted casting will also be poured into the cavity; If the block is too small, it is easy to lead to oxidation of slag, which is easy to cause pregnancy and decay;
6. The inoculant block used in the flow inoculation method is small in size, generally 0.2~0.8mm, and the addition amount is 0.05%~0.2%; The inoculation block size is generally required to be ≤0.25mm, and the addition amount is ≤0.1%;
7, the remaining casting inoculant is usually added with a block size of 1~10mm, and the addition amount is 0.1% ~0.8%;
It can be seen that the correct use of casting inoculant in the casting process can make the effect better and effectively improve the product quality of the casting.
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