Silicon slag ball

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Application of silicon slag balls: With the development of a series of deep-drawing and ultra-deep-drawing steel grades such as ultra-low carbon automotive sheet steel, ultra-low carbon cold-rolled silicon steel and household appliance panel steel, the surface quality, yield strength, resistance to Tensile strength and elongation have higher requirements, so how to control the oxide content in molten steel is the key to ensuring the quality of cold-rolled coil products. After the ultra-low carbon automotive sheet steel is boiled and tapped in the converter, after the necessary decarburization and degassing treatment in the RH unit, the aluminum wire segment is used as a deoxidizer to deoxidize the molten steel to sedate the molten steel, and then adjust other components.

Silicon slag ball is a new method of deoxidation of molten steel, which is a new method of deoxidation of molten steel. The deoxidation method of the present invention is adopted in the refining process of the steel in the RH device, so as to reduce the generation of AL203 inclusions in the deep-drawing and ultra-deep-drawing steels, improve the surface quality, reduce the rate of inclusions and rejects of the head billet, and improve the yield strength and resistance of the cold-rolled automobile sheet. Properties such as tensile strength and elongation after fracture. The purpose of the present invention is achieved in this way, after the molten steel has been decarburized and degassed in the RH device, deoxidized by silicon slag balls, and deoxidized by adding low-carbon ferrosilicon first to ensure that the silicon content does not exceed that of the steel being smelted. According to the composition requirements, aluminum is added for deoxidation to ensure that the oxygen content in the molten steel is not more than 0.0020%, and finally ferrotitanium is added for final deoxidation.
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