In the past half century, Coal Injection have been used in industrial and large areas, with the increasing domestic steel production capacity and the continuous progress and perfection of the key technology of blast furnace coal powder blowing, the market demand has gradually expanded, especially in recent years, with the increasing shortage of high-quality coking coal resources in China, blast furnace blowing coal in the steel smelting process is increasingly important, in saving the steel industry smelting costs, etc. is playing an increasingly important role.
  • to replace metallurgical coke with coal powder, so that the blast furnace iron coke ratio is reduced, the cost of raw iron is reduced
  • The heat system and stable operation of the condition of the transfer furnace
  • The gasification combustion of blowing coal powder in front of the blast furnace air mouth reduces the theoretical combustion degree, in order to maintain the T-theory, compensation is needed, which creates the conditions for the blast furnace to use high wind and oxygen-rich blowing wind
  • coal injection instead of some coke, on the one hand, can save coking investment, less coke ovens, reduce coking air pollution
Coal Injection is made from high grade Jurassic coal as a new type of carbon materia, we can also provide Semi-Coke, Coke Fuel and other products.