At CG STEEL, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of metallurgy. Today, we're thrilled to announce the introduction of our premium-grade 50T 0-5mm High Carbon Silicon powder to the vibrant market of Thailand.

high carbon silicon

What is High Carbon Silicon powder?

High Carbon Silicon powder is a specialized alloying agent renowned for its ability to enhance the properties of steel and cast iron. Comprising a blend of silicon and carbon elements, this powder offers remarkable benefits such as improved strength, hardness, and wear resistance in metal products.

Why Choose Our product?

Unmatched Quality: Our High Carbon Silicon powder undergoes stringent quality control measures to ensure consistency and purity, meeting the highest industry standards. With a focus on precision and reliability, we guarantee superior performance in your applications.
Optimal particle Size: The 0-5mm particle size range of our powder ensures excellent dispersibility and uniform alloying in metal matrices. Whether you're producing steel alloys or cast iron components, our product facilitates seamless integration and optimal results.
Enhanced performance: By introducing our High Carbon Silicon powder into your manufacturing processes, you can expect enhanced mechanical properties, including increased hardness, tensile strength, and resistance to abrasion and corrosion. Elevate the performance of your end products and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Expansion into Thailand

Thailand's thriving industrial sector and growing demand for high-quality metallurgical materials make it an ideal market for our High Carbon Silicon powder. As a key player in the global market, we're excited to partner with businesses in Thailand to support their growth and contribute to the advancement of various industries, including automotive, construction, and machinery manufacturing.
Chemical Composition%
Grade Si C Al S p
Si68C18 68 18 3 0.1 0.05
Si65C15 65 15 3 0.1 0.05
Si60C10 60 10 3 0.1 0.05

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At CG STEEL sustainability is at the core of our operations. We prioritize eco-friendly practices throughout the production process, from sourcing raw materials to packaging and distribution. By choosing our High Carbon Silicon powder, you're not only investing in superior quality but also supporting sustainable solutions for a greener future.

Experience Excellence with CG STEEL

Join us in ushering a new era of metallurgical excellence in Thailand with our premium-grade 50T 0-5mm High Carbon Silicon powder. Whether you're a steel mill, foundry, or manufacturing facility, our product is tailored to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.
For inquiries, orders, and technical assistance, please contact our dedicated team. Let's collaborate to unlock new possibilities and drive success in your operations with CG STEEL.