Ferro silicon is a kind of ferro alloys which is integrated of silicon and iron. The ratio of the two chemical substances are combined different, with the proportion of silicon ranging anywhere between 15% and 90% . The most widely used is 75% ferrosilicon. This alloy is also known by the name of ferro silicium. Its identification has known by CAS Number: 8049-17-0 and its chemical formula is “FeSi”.Because silicon and oxygen are easy to synthesize silicon dioxide, silicon iron is often used as deoxidizer when making steel, and because SiO2 produces a lot of heat, it also can improve the temperature of steel.

Specification of Ferro Silicon

Grade Si Al C S P
FeSi72 72%min 2.0%max 0.2%max 0.02%max 0.04%max
FeSi75 75%min 2.0%max 0.2%max 0.02%max 0.04%max
FeSi75 Low Al 75%min 1.0%max
0.1%max 0.02%max 0.04%max
ferro silicon nature lump
ferro silicon standard lump
ferro silicon powder
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How to product ferro silicon?

There are a few methods to produce ferrosilicon. Ferrosilicon can be produced by reacting the coke with silica. Or it can produce by obtaining this alloy in the submerged electric arc furnace for melting steel scrap and quartz together with a reductant. Then the hot liquid alloy will pour in a sandbed and after cooled will broke into small pieces. Depend on the ordered size; these small pieces can be crushed further to obtain the required size. Also there is another important byproduct which has produce by the large quantities of silica and its name is Microsilica which is obtained from this reaction.
how to product ferro silicon

Chemical and Physical Properties

  • Boiling Point: The boiling point for this substance is 2355°C
  • Solubility: Ferrosilicon may react with water to produce hydrogen
  • Molecular Weight: The molecular weight for this alloy is 28.0855 g/mol
  • Specific Gravity: Specific Gravity of ferro-silicon varies with the proportions in which the two chemical substances are mixed. For FeSi 75, the specific gravity is 3.01
  • Density: The density of Ferrosilicon is different for different ratios of alloy compositions. FeSi 45 has a density of 5.1 g/cm3. The density of FeSi 75 is 2.8 g/cm3 and FeSi 90 has a density of 2.4 g/cm3
  • Melting Point: The melting point of this substance varies with the content of silicon. FeSi 45 contains 45% silicon and its melting point ranges between 1215°C and 1300°C. FeSi 75 contains 75% silicon and its melting point ranges between 1210°C and 1315°C. FeSi 90 contains 90% silicon and its melting point ranges between 1210°C and 1380°C

Third Party Inspection

We provide third-party inspection services, the goods can be detected before they are sent.SGS or equivalent at seller cost at port of loading.

More about Ferro Silicon

Ferro Silicon or FeSi is widely used in color or non-color metallurgy industry as an important deoxidizing material and besides this is used as a bud or spraut in the Moulding industry. Also, it is primarily used as a deoxidizing material in steel alloy manufacturing industries, in producing cast iron and steel, developing metallic structure and granulation in the molding of alloy and non-alloy cast irons, refurbishment of other Ferro alloys, and most importantly in the structure of novella ally steel. Ferro Silicon is an alloy which is produced by combining iron and 15% to 90% of silicon
Ferrosilicon is a toxic, irritant and combustible substance. The alloy can be hazardous to human health. Toxic and flammable gases are produced when this alloy reacts with moisture, bases and acids. Hence adequate protection is needed from accidentally inhaling or ingesting the material
While dealing with this alloy, care should be taken to protect the eyes and the skin. Ferro silicon is a stable substance. However, under certain conditions this material can also catch fire. It is thus important to adhere to adequate protective measures while dealing with this substance.

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