The converter will be splashed in the blowing process, which not only makes the steel consumption high, but also the heat loss is large. In order to suppress splashing, we have developed "converter foam residue inhibitors". Before the splash signs or just when the splash appears, the "converter foam slag inhibitor" is added, and then reacts quickly with the slag, reducing the viscosity of the slag, eliminating the low slag (FeO) of the foam slag, slowing down the C-O reaction, and making the metal droplets in the foam slag settle, which can effectively inhibit the splash, prevent the oxygen gun sticking slag, and reduce the metal loss of the spilled slag. Foam residue inhibitors are simple to use, the use of significant results, and do not change the operation process.
foam slag suppressant
foam slag suppressant
Effects of use:
Converter foam inhibitors are essential excipients in the converter process. Due to the spraying of the converter foam slag, it occurs from time to time during the converter production process. The frequency of spraying of converter foam slag depends mainly on the volume ratio of the converter, the oxygen supply strength and the level of the operator. In general, the spraying of the converter foam slag will cause 1.5% heat loss; 5-10% of the slagging material loss, 2-4kg/t.s of metal loss. If the converter foam inhibitor is used and used properly, it can reduce the consumption of about 5kg/t slag material, about 3kg/t.s metal consumption, and the cost of steel per ton can be reduced by 2-4 yuan.
SiO₂ Al₂O₃ CaO c Size
25-30% 8-10% 22-28% 8-10% 10-50mm