Low silicon deoxidizer

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Advantages of low-silicon deoxidizers: one of the basic industries of the iron and steel industry, and the material basis for the development of the national economy and national defense. There are two different processes in the current steelmaking method, namely, the long-process steelmaking process of the converter and the short-process steelmaking process of the electric arc furnace.

The difference between the two processes is that the former uses molten iron produced from ore and coal coke as raw material, which has a short smelting cycle, high production efficiency, and low manufacturing cost per ton of steel. The disadvantage is that the production of molten iron involves sintering, pelletizing, and blast furnace processes. Large emissions and environmental pollution; the latter uses scrap steel that has been recycled and reused after crushing, sorting and processing as raw materials, does not involve other processes, and has less carbon emissions and less environmental pollution. The disadvantage is that the smelting cycle is long and the production The efficiency is low, and the manufacturing cost per ton of steel is high.

The low-silicon deoxidizer for steelmaking is a low-carbon, low-silicon, low-phosphorus, and low-sulfur Al-Mn-Mg-Ca-Fe composite alloy used as a final deoxidizer for steelmaking, which can solve the final problem existing in the prior art. For the problem of poor deoxidation effect, as a final deoxidizer for steelmaking, no further refining of steel is required, and it is suitable for smelting steel types that require Als and low carbon, low silicon, low phosphorus, and low sulfur.
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