Nozzle is an important part of continuous casting production.Let's introduce the three main nozzle, which are tundish nozzle , zirconia nozzle and quartz nozzle.
nozzle brick

Nozzle brick

Nozzle brick advantages:
  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • Strong corrosion resistance
  • Stable mass
  • long service life
Tundish nozzle is a combination of inner core and outer core.The inner core consists of stable zirconia and zirconium sand,produced by moulding machine and high temperature calcination.The shell is made of zirconium and corundum, and is formed by moulding machines and low-temperature baking.

Quartz Nozzle

Fused Silica Submerged entry nozzle,Fused quartz products are widely used in the steel mills continuous casting, metallurgy, glass, chemical, defense, science and technology.

Product features

  • High refractoriness.
  • Good corrosion resistance and resistance to erosion.
  • High mechanical strength.
  • Good thermal shock resistance.
  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • Stable performance and technical data.
  • Long service life
Product Name Fused Silica Submerged entry nozzle
Material Quartz
Size As per drawing
Payment T/T,Western Union,Online payment by credit card are available
Application It is particularly used in continous-casting.
Thransport Air transport: 5-10 days; Ocean shipping: About one month.
Delivery Time 1.Stock:delivery within 3-5 days after receiving your payment.
2. OEM/ODM:The normal Lead time is 15-45 days, which depends on your quantiy.

Our submerged entry nozzle has the following characteristics:

  • Argon injection structure depending on customer specifications.
  • Ceramic glaze layer to prevent the material oxidation effectively.
  • High-quality Al-C materials having high corrosion and thermal shock resistance.
  • High-quality Zr-based composite to provide high corrosion resistance at the slag line.
  • Non-graphite based materials to meet the requirements of producing low carbon steel,silicon steel and high purity steel.
  • Non-carbon liner to meet the requirements of low carbon steel,silicon steel and high purity steel productions.