Silicon metal goes up and down

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Domestic silicon metal market as a whole no big changes, supply and demand at both ends of the waand-see, trading slightly light, the morning manufacturers quote and before the holiday is basically the same, pre-stock demand to digest, the market arrangement of single goods tight situation slightly alleviated, very few manufacturers quote slightly loose down, the market transaction situation to be further observed.

The downstream market is weak and stable. After the pre-holiday market price is sharply reduced, the downstream order receiving situation is improved. At present, the cost of silicone is high, the profit space is thin, and the overall inventory of silicone market is high
In general, the silicon metal market market after the temporary no obvious trend up or down. Downstream demand support is weak, silicon metal rising power is insufficient. And affected by Sichuan electricity price rise and Yunnan power rationing factors, coupled with the upcoming dry season is expected, silicon metal decline space is also expected to be relatively limited. It is expected that the market in the short term small shock partial weak operation
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