What are the advantages of spheroidized cored wire

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Spheroidized cored wire is a product of strip steel coated with strip alloy powder. Due to the difference of the coated powder, it can be divided into different uses, and the spheroidized cored wire is usually used as a deoxidizer, desulfurizer or carbon additive, such as CaSi spheroidized cored wire can be used as a deoxidizer and desulfurizer in steelmaking. Carbon spheroidized cored wire can be used as a carbon additive in steelmaking and casting. FeSiMg flux-cored wire can be used as a nodule agent in castings.
1. The cost of spheroidized cored wire is 10% lower than the cost of spheroidizing agent. A roll of spheroidized cored wire (2400 m) takes about 24 m to process 1 ton. One roll can hold 100 tons of hot metal. One ton of spheroidizing agent can treat 83 tons of hot metal.
2, need to fill and weigh the nodulating agent, physical labor in the middle of the night, will make workers sleepy, fatigue and other factors cause operation errors. Spheroidized cored wire does not require manual filling and weighing processes, saving labor costs.
3. There is a dam at the bottom of the nodularization bag. After more than a dozen furnaces, it needs to be manually processed once. It requires half as much physical labor and no wires.
4, all the data of the spheroidized cored wire feed has been set, there is no need to change at any time. Nodulating agent requires manual operation and is prone to error. The use of spheroidized core wire avoids the loss caused by human error.
5, feed nodulization cored wire is easy to collect dust (in the nodulization station for processing smoke, dust is all sucked away), the degree of pollution is far less than the nodulization agent, more in line with the national environmental protection policy.
6. After spheroidization, the degree of spheroidization is high, the roundness of the graphite ball is higher, and the amount of graphite is more
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