Application advantages of green silicon carbide powder

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Silicon carbide powder is a micron grade silicon carbide powder, mainly used in the abrasive industry, and its grade classification is very strict, do not allow large particles appear, the current silicon carbide powder mainly black silicon carbide powder and green silicon carbide powder.
Green silicon carbide powder is a new type of high-performance functional material, it has many advantages, the following will be introduced in detail the advantages of green silicon carbide powder.
First, the advantages of green silicon carbide powder:
1, good high temperature resistance: green silicon carbide powder as a high temperature material, its high temperature resistance is very excellent. It has high melting point, good thermal stability, and can maintain stable performance under high temperature conditions, without expansion and deformation.

2, good chemical stability: green silicon carbide powder has excellent chemical stability, it will not be affected by acid, alkali, solvent and other external environment, can operate stably in harsh chemical environment.

3, large surface area: green silicon carbide powder has a very large surface area, which makes it in adsorption, catalysis and other aspects have a good application effect.
4, good electrical conductivity: the electrical conductivity of green silicon carbide powder is very good, it can be used as electrode materials, battery materials, etc.

5, high hardness: green silicon carbide powder has a high hardness, can be used to make sandpaper, abrasives and other industrial materials.
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