Silicon carbide is made of silicon sand, coke, wood and other raw materials by resistance furnace smelting at high temperature.Silicon carbide has a stable chemical composition, with anti-wear, anti-corrosion, high temperature, impact resistance, good thermal conduction and other advantages.

Specification of Silicon Carbide

SIC F.C Fe2O3 Al2O3
70%min 5.0%max 4.5%max 4.0%max
75%min 4.5%max 4.0%max 3.5%max
85%min 3.0%max 3.0%max 2.5%max
88%min 2.5%max 2.8%max 2.2%max
90%min 2.0%max 2.5%max 2.0%max
Silicon carbon alloy is a kind of by-product of silicon metal, we can also provide Silicon Briquette, Ferro Silicon and other products.