Uses: Deoxygenation, decarbonization and desulfurization agents for steel and alloy smelting. To make high-purity rare earth metals, such as reducing agents.
Chemical Ca(min%) Fe(max%) Ni(max%) Mn(max%) Cu(max%) Mg(max%) Al(max%) Si(max%)
calcium powder 98.5 0.030 0.006 0.020 0.002 0.800 0.400 0.003
metal calcium wire

Metal Calcium Wire

Metal calcium wire is the raw material to make calcium solid core line Calcium silk has the following advantages over powder core lines:
  • Calcium treatment process does not bring into the powder core line the presence of other oxides and contaminate the steel solution (e.g. iron oxide in the calcium iron line and aluminum oxide in the calcium aluminum wire, etc.)
  • Calcium wire has a high density, can reduce calcium oxidation and loss of activity, and can contaminated steel liquid calcium oxide debris to a minimum
  • Calcium silk more uniform calcium content per meter and higher, more stable active calcium content to ensure a more stable calcium treatment effect.
  • Use calcium wire to feed calcium deeper into the steel water and stay below critical depths for longer periods of time, resulting in a higher calcium recovery rate
  • Calcium wire is easy to detect, and smaller core lines have a longer preservation period than the surface area
Metal Calcium Wire Ca(min%) Cl N Mg Cu Ni Mn Si Fe Al
98.5 0.02 0.01 0.50 0.02 0.005 0.03 0.01 0.01 0.4
Calcium Metal is the main products of ferro alloys, we can also provide Manganese Metal, Silicon Metal and other products.