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Uses of vanadium nitrogen alloy

Vanadium nitride is a high-quality steelmaking additive. With vanadium nitride as an additive, the nitrogen component in...{ Read More + }

Silicon Metal Weekly Review

This week, the domestic silicon metal market fell sharply. Due to the long-term dislocation of supply and demand in the ...{ Read More + }

High carbon ferro silicon

High-carbon ferro silicon is a new type of alloy used in converters. It can completely replace ferro silicon, recarburiz...{ Read More + }

Silicon carbon powder

The reaction heat energy generated when the silicon and carbon elements in the silicon carbon powder are oxidized has a ...{ Read More + }

Ferro manganese powder

Ferro manganese powder is an iron alloy composed of manganese and iron, the main chemical components are manganese, iron...{ Read More + }

Alloy cored wire action

Cored wire can be used in steelmaking, can purify the form of steel inclusions, improve the overall castability of molte...{ Read More + }

Rare-earth silicon-magnesium-iron alloy

Rare-earth silicon-magnesium-iron alloy is an alloy composed of calcium, magnesium, and rare earth in ferro silicon. It ...{ Read More + }

HC Silicon

Exploring the World of High Carbon Silicon Hello, everyone! Im thrilled to take you on a journey into the fascinating re...{ Read More + }

How to produce recarburizer ?

How to produce recarburizer ?{ Read More + }

Silicon carbon alloy Features

Silicon-carbon alloy is a new type of metallurgical material that is much cheaper than other metallurgical materials. It...{ Read More + }

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