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Ferrosilicon Inoculant

Economically cheap; in terms of structure, it reduces white mouth, improves the uniformity of cross-sectional structure,...{ Read More + }

Calcium silicon cored wire application

There are many types of alloy cored wire, but the most widely used one is calcium-silicon cored wire, and the number of ...{ Read More + }

The role of sulfur iron

Depending on the use characteristics of steel, some steels need to have a certain sulfur content. It can ensure the stab...{ Read More + }

Silicon barium alloy

Silicon-barium alloy is an inoculant for casting and a deoxidizer for steelmaking. When used as an inoculant for casting...{ Read More + }

Alloy spheroidized cored wire

Alloy spheroidized cored wire is a molten iron additive that uses magnesium as a spheroidizing element, and the main com...{ Read More + }

Top 10 Regions for Ferro Silicon

Top 10 regions for ferro silicon exports in April 2020{ Read More + }

rare earth magnesium silicon

With the development of new energy sources, wind power generation has already entered the public's field of vision, and ...{ Read More + }

Ferro chrome advantage

Ferro chrome is mainly used as an alloy additive in steelmaking and used to be added in the late refining stage of steel...{ Read More + }

Rare earth silicon

Rare earth silicon is used as an inoculant for casting and as a deoxidizer for ironmaking. When used as an inoculant for...{ Read More + }

Application of high carbon silicon

High-carbon silicon is a composite alloy deoxidizer, which can replace traditional deoxidizers such as ferro silicon pow...{ Read More + }

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