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High Carbon Ferro Chrome

High Carbon Ferro Chrome{ Read More + }

Barium silicon alloy

Barium silicon alloy is an alloy material used in the iron and steel metallurgical industry, and its main components are...{ Read More + }

Properties of electrolytic manganese

In the iron and steel industry, electrolytic manganese metal is also used as deoxidizer and desulfurizer. With the gradu...{ Read More + }

Rare earth ferro silicon

Rare earth ferro silicon alloy can significantly improve the strength of cast iron, and has the functions of degassing, ...{ Read More + }

Medium carbon ferro manganese

Medium-carbon ferro manganese is characterized by low carbon content. Medium-carbon ferro manganese can be used in many ...{ Read More + }

Silicon barium powder

The inoculation of silicon barium powder is also called ladle inoculation (Ladle Inoculation), which is the inoculation ...{ Read More + }

Low alumina-ferro silicon

Low alumina ferro silicon can be used for smelting cold-rolled oriented silicon steel, compared with the original ordina...{ Read More + }

Advantages of silicon carbide balls

In recent years, some important metallurgical materials have been used very well in industrial development. Here we intr...{ Read More + }

Silicon slag alloy

Silicon slag is a by-product of the production of metallic silicon and ferro silicon. It usually consists of 45% to 65% ...{ Read More + }

Silicon carbide heating agent

Silicon carbide can be used as a good temperature-raising agent in converter steelmaking. The chemical composition and p...{ Read More + }

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