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Futures low-price impact Silicon plant transactions are rare

Futures low-price impact Silicon plant transactions are rare{ Read More + }

carbon cored wire

Carbon cored wire is mainly used outside the furnace (ladle or ladle, in front of the furnace, holding furnace, tundish,...{ Read More + }

silicon calcium slag

Application of silicon-calcium slag: In order to further save energy and reduce consumption, the silicon-calcium alloy e...{ Read More + }

Barium silicon inoculant advantage

Barium silicon inoculant can increase graphitization, greatly increase the number of graphite ball formation, refine gra...{ Read More + }

Iron phosphorus

Ferric phosphate is made by smelting phosphate and iron ore in a blast furnace. It is mainly used as an alloying agent a...{ Read More + }

What is the role of silicon barium inoculant

Silicon-barium inoculant is a kind of agent that can promote graphitization, reduce the white tendency, improve the shap...{ Read More + }

Production and use of silicon calcium slag

Silicon-calcium slag usually refers to the ash with alkali and limestone sintering, and then through the wet extraction ...{ Read More + }

Phosphorus iron

In the production process of pre-baked anodes for aluminum electrolysis, phosphorus molten iron is usually used to weld ...{ Read More + }

Calcium silicon powder

Calcium silicon powder is a substance formed by combining silicon, calcium and other elements. It is powdery, so it is c...{ Read More + }

Use of Calcium Silicon

Use of Calcium Silicon{ Read More + }

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